Motorcycle Wheel Sets

These wheel sets are built according to the colour, wheel size and year of bike that you select on the product details page (click on the image of the wheel set to see details). Your wheel set is shipped to you ready to install and includes:

  • Pro-Wheel 6061 Billet Hubs
  • Pro-Wheel Generation 3 Rims
  • Pro-Wheel Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Pro-Wheel Hardcore Rim Locks
  • Pro-Wheel Rim Plugs
  • Pro-Wheel Rim Strips
  • Pro-Wheel Hardcore Brake Rotors
  • Pro-Wheel Hardcore Sprocket
  • Pro-Wheel Hardcore Sprocket Bolts
  • Pro-Wheel Hardcore Rotor Bolts
  • Pro-Wheel Hardcore Tires (medium terrain compound)
  • Pro-Wheel Hardcore Tubes

Wheel sets are built to order so can take anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks for delivery. After your order has been placed we will notify you with the expected date of arrival.

Pro Wheel Hardcore Complete Wheel Set for KTM Pro Wheel Hardcore Wheel Set for HONDA Hardcore Complete Wheel Set KAWASAKI KX/KXF Hardcore WHEEL SET Suzuki RMZ 250
CAD $1,360.00
CAD $1,360.00
CAD $1,360.00
CAD $1,360.00
Hardcore WHEEL SET Suzuki RMZ 450 Hardcore WHEEL SET Yamaha YZ 250F Hardcore WHEEL SET Yamaha YZ 450F
CAD $1,360.00
CAD $1,360.00
CAD $1,360.00
MX1 Canada
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