Seat Concepts Comfort Seat KTM (2016) SX/XCF (2017-18) SX/XCW/EXC STANDARD

This model is a standard (stock) height seat.

  • (2015) 450 SX Factory Edition
  • (2016) SX/XCF
  • Will not fit (2016) 250 SX & XC 2-Stroke models
  • (2017-18) 125-500 SX/XC-W/EXC
  • 2 cover options
  • Allow 10-15 business days for order processing (not including transit time to you)

Our Price CAD $395.00

Part No28-0160-30-1000
Department Seats

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NOTE: Some 2016 and all 2017 models have an indentation in the underside of the seat pan called a pan pocket that provides additional clearance for an electrical module that will be present on certain 2018 models. All Seat Concepts 2016-17 KTM complete seats DO NOT have pan pockets.

Installation on some 2011-16 KTM models: If you find that the mounting bolt seems to be about 1/4" off, Seat Concepts has advised that this is a somewhat common issue on the 11-16 model KTMís. From one bike to the next, there is a variance in the tolerances at the mounting points. In 2014, when Seat Concepts first started offering a complete seat, they went to a local KTM dealer and took the seats off seven bikes on the showroom floor and the tolerances were slightly different on each one. The trick is to make sure the front and middle mounts are properly aligned, then give the seat a very forceful shove forward, and give it a good hammer-fist hit right above where the seat bolt goes in. Youíll hear an audible click as it goes into place, and then you can start the bolt and tighten everything up. In extreme cases, loosening the subframe bolts will give you that little bit of extra room you need to align the seat bolt. Once the seat has been on the bike for a while it will settle into place, and will be much easier to install the next time.

Seat Concepts seats are constructed using a foam material that is a much higher quality than OEM seat foam. Their proprietary formula provides a more plush and active ride, while still offering the necessary amount of support. The unique 8" wide comfort shape maintains a similar contour to stock at the front of the seat so the riderís legs are not spread farther apart, but tapers out towards the mid-point to distribute rider weight over a greater area.

Cover Options:

  • Gripper Top/Carbon Fiber sides with black stitching: A very popular option, generally recommended for medium to heavy duty dual-sport and off-road use. The carbon fiber material offers good durability, and the asphalt gripper gives the rider a good amount of traction.
  • All Carbon Fiber with black stitching: Black vinyl that has a carbon fiber pattern with a slick surface. This is the better choice for street and mellow off-road use. This is also the best option for riders who ride in jeans.

Seat Concepts Cover Options

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