Mitas C-19 SUPER Yellow Stripe Front Tire 90/100-21 57R TT

  • Taller profile tire, with higher speed rating
  • DOT load and speed rating 57R (230kg at 170km)
  • Pliable rubber compound, with slightly thicker Enduro carcass, that sticks to hard terrain, however great knob design for loose rock and mud
  • Great clean out properties
  • Super aggressive cornering ability in wet and slippery conditions
  • DOT Approved

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Part No752610421
Weight (lbs)7.90 lb
Department Enduro/Competition Tires
Name C-19
Size 90/100-21
Tire Position Front
Class Cross Country Competition
Tire Type Tube Type (TT)
Rim 2.15 in
Speed/Load Rating 57R - 170 km/h / 230 kg
Tire Width 90
Tire Height 100
Wheel Diameter 21 in
Tire Construction Bias

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Mitas Tires

Mitas makes 3 rubber compound types (Red, Yellow, Green) and 3 size, profile type (80/100, 90/90, 90/100) in the C-19 Eagle tire. These tires have the same tread pattern but differ in the weight and compound used.

Red Stripe: in a size 90/90 and 80/100 x 21" Motocross type tire, standard compound; 3 textile ply layers.

Yellow Stripe: in a size 90/90 and 90/100 x 21"Enduro tread compound, softer than the Red Stripe; 4 textile ply layers; suitable for a wider range of terrain

Green Stripe: in a size 90/90 and 90/100 x 21"Special tread compound with Kevlar nano-fibers, Yellow and Green strip tires similar rubber compound; suitable for extreme enduro; lighter more plyable carcass (1 textile ply less) than the Yellow Stripe; excellent grip on wet hard and rocky difficult terrain

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