Giant Loop Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Giant Loop Motorcycle Saddle Bags Giant Loop® offers a wide range of soft luggage designed for adventure touring bikes, sport and sport touring bikes. Giant Loop® combines saddle bags (panniers) and tail bag into a single biomorphic design.

The Giant Loop® advantages:

  • more than 30 pounds lighter than typical hard luggage
  • saddlebags integrated into bike, positioning weight precisely where it's desiged to go
  • no racks, mounts, braces or drilling required
  • better position for rider
  • better weight distribution
  • safer – no busted legs from hard-shell touring boxes
  • bombproof – no racks or mounts to snap off and break
  • made to military specification quality standards in the USA
  • looks cooler, with cleaner lines

Giant Loop BUCKIN ROLL 6L Tank Bag (Complete) Giant Loop Bushwackers Hand Guards Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top 39L Giant Loop DIABLO PRO Tank Bag 4L
CAD $289.00
CAD $52.00
CAD $459.00
MSRP CAD $495.00
CAD $309.00
Giant Loop FANDANGO PRO Tank Bag 8L Giant Loop Fandango/Diablo Tank Bag Harness Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top 68L Giant Loop Klamath Tail Rack Pack 4.0L
CAD $310.00
CAD $99.00
MSRP CAD $115.00
CAD $529.00
CAD $209.00
MSRP CAD $229.00
Giant Loop Lift Strap Giant Loop MOJAVI Saddlebag 12L Giant Loop POSSIBLES Pouch 3 LTR Giant Loop ROGUE DRY BAG 17L
CAD $24.00
CAD $239.00
CAD $65.00
CAD $95.00
Giant Loop TILLAMOOK DRY BAG 38L Giant Loop ZIGZAG Handlebar Bag 1.5L Giant Loop Hot Spring Heat Shield Giant Loop Soft Luggage Mounts (pair)
CAD $159.00
CAD $69.00
CAD $36.00
CAD $26.00
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