Genuine Innovations ATV/UTV Tire Repair and Inflation Kit
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Genuine Innovations ATV/UTV Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

The ATV tire inflation and repair kit comes with everything you need to fix and inflate multiple flat tires and is great for scooters too. A must have item for your kit! Includes a 12 inch braided hose to fit into restricted spaces.

  • Versatile and reliable Ultraflate inflator, with Twist inflate Control technology
  • Includes three 16 gram non-threaded cartridges
  • Includes tire reamer and T-Handled insertion tool
  • Includes five tire “rope” plugs
  • Includes rubber cement, patch assortment and scuffer
  • Includes a 12 inch braided hose to fit into restricted spaces
  • Includes convenient 5 in x 6.5 in zippered and padded carrying case

Our Price CAD $62.00

Part No95070618
MFG No. 070618
Department Tires and Wheels

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Genuine Innovations

Features robust and reliable Ultraflate which is compatible with 12 or 16 gram co2 cartridges, both threaded and non-threaded, for extra versatility.

To operate, simply drop the cartridge into the cup and tighten. Then thread the nozzle onto the tire valve, and Twist to inflate.

Like all of the Genuine Innovations inflators, gas flow can be controlled. Comes with three 16 gram non-threaded cartridges which is enough for multiple tires.

For tire repair, the kit includes a tire reamer and T-handled plug insertion tool, five tire plugs, assorted patches and cement. Tire plugs work for round and irregular holes, even sidewalls. Everything fits into the convenient 5 in x 6.5 in zippered and padded bag.


  • Cartridge compatibility: 12, 16, 20 and 25 gram threaded or non-threaded CO2 cartridges
  • Construction: Glass reinforced nylon with brass internals
  • Weight: 62 grams

What is CO2?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a pure and natural gas that is a component of the Earth’s atmosphere. Humans and animals exhale CO2 and then plants absorb it to help them grow. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which humans and animals depend on for survival.

Are CO2 cartridges safe for the environment?

They are as safe as opening a soda bottle. A 12 gram CO2 cylinder has about the same amount of CO2 found in a one liter bottle of soda. Plus, our CO2 is captured directly from a manufacturing plant- cleaned, filtered, purified and bottled. It does NOT come from the burning of fossil fuels. We are recycling CO2 that normally would have been exhausted into the atmosphere.

Is CO2 safe to use?

Consumer products such as beverage carbonation, fire extinguishers, life jackets, soda siphons, and tire inflators have used CO2 safely for many years. Also, EACH Genuine Innovations’ CO2 inflator is tested to ensure quality, safety and purity.

Can I recycle CO2 cylinders?

Genuine Innovations’ CO2 cylinders are made of steel and are 100% recyclable. Empty CO2 cylinders can be placed in any recycling bin that accepts steel. If your community does not recycle steel curb side, we encourage users to take used cylinders to a recycling facility.

Why use CO2 instead of just air?

Genuine Innovations’ CO2 inflators are quick, safe, easy to use, and provide years of dependable service. Our CO2 cylinders are a very cost effective and portable power solution for tire inflation. If you’re serious about improving your time, use CO2 to get back into the race quickly.

How much CO2 do I need?

A general rule of thumb is one 16 gram CO2 cartridge will inflate most bicycle tires to a ride-able pressure.

For ATV’s, one 16 gram CO2 cartridge will give you 3psi/.21BAR per cartridge (if need more PSI/BAR, then use more CO2).

For motorcycles, one 45 gram CO2 cartridge will provide most tires 22-48 psi/1.5-2.8 BAR of air per tire. Tire sizes vary and so does the amount of CO2 needed to inflate your tire.

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