Doubletake ADVENTURE Mirror Kit
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Doubletake ADVENTURE Mirror Kit

The Doubletake Adventure Mirror is perfect for adventure and touring bikes where the mirrors are kept up most of the time. This mirror offers the widest field of view, and is ideal for riding paved and dirt roads.

INCLUDES DOUBLETAKE MIRROR, RAM ARM and BALL STUD BASE. Right Side Reverse Thread Adapter, Base Extension and BMW Ball Studs are sold separately.

You have the choice of selecting either the 6" (150mm) XL RAM ARM (better for taller riders or those with luggage), OR the 3" (76mm) RAM ARM.

Some makes and models require a Reverse Thread Adapter for the right side, in which case you'll also require a Left Base Extension so that both sides are the same height. If you are unsure of what you need, please call or email us before placing your order.

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Doubletake Mirrors

If you leave your mirrors primarily extended, we recommend the Adventure mirror because the shorter mirror offers more stability.. If you plan to fold the mirror away, we recommend the Doubletake ENDURO Mirror:

  • Mirror Dimensions = 135mm x 90mm (5.25" x 3.5")
  • Overall length = 175mm (7")
  • Indestructible- Made from reinforced Zytel
  • Excellent visibility - SAE spec convex lens
  • Easy to fold, remove or swap between bikes
  • Guaranteed against breakage
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended for applications where the mirror will be extended most of the time, although it still folds very well
    BALL STUD BASE 10mm x 1.25 thread pitch
  • Compatible with all Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Triumph, Husqvarna, Zero and Suzuki bikes, and left side of Yamaha
    BMW STUD BASE 10mm x 1.5 thread pitch
  • For use with BMW-F800 / R1200
    BASE EXTENSION (sold separately)
  • Aluminum extension with 10mm x 1.25 male and female threads
  • Works with standard Ball Stud Base to offer clearance in some applications
    SPLIT CLAMP ASSEMBLY (sold separately)
  • Adapts a Ball Stud Base onto any standard 7/8 inch handlebar
  • Can be used on any dirt bike, or any street bike to create or replace a mirror perch
    HORIZONTAL SPLIT MOUNT (sold separately)
  • 10mm x 1.25 threaded mirror mount on horizontal split clamp
  • Allows mounting on clutch or brake master cylinder for most KTM, Husqvarna and many Beta motorcycles


KTM & HUSQVARNA: Uses the 10mm x 1.25 Ball Stud Base. If you are adding mirrors to a bike that did not originally have them, you can order the horizontal split clamp (sold separately, under "Extras" above) to mount to either the clutch or brake master cylinder.

BETA: RS models use the 10mm x 1.25 Ball Stud Base. If you are adding a mirror to an RR model, you can add the horizontal split clamp which will allow you to mount the mirror to either the brake or clutch master cylinder.

HONDA, SUZUKI, TRIUMPH: Uses the 10mm x 1.25 Ball Stud Base. If you would like more height, you can add the Base Extension (sold separately under "Extras" above).

KAWASAKI: Uses the 10mm x 1.25 Ball Stud Base. The left side base is too short to clear the handguard on most models, so the Base Extension will be required.

YAMAHA: Uses the 10mm x 1.25 Ball Stud Base included with this assembly. NOTE: On the right side, the standard mirror has reverse (right hand) threads so you will also need the Yamaha Adapter for mounting the mirror on the right side. If you’d like, you can also add the Base Extension to the left side, however that is not necessary.

BMW: To ensure that you get parts that fit your bike, the best approach is to measure what you have. To do this, remove the existing mirror and check the threads (8mm, 10mm x 1.25, or 10mm x 1.5) (sold separately.

If your bike takes an 8mm base, select RAM-B-367U 8mm base. This base comes with a 45mm, 60mm, 70mm and 80mm bolt as well as two different spacers. If it is mounted through the perch with a nut on the bottom, choose the RAM-367U 8mm base (you will reuse the nut).

  • 8mm would use the RAM-B-367U 8mm base
  • 10mm x 1.25 would use the Ball Stud Base
  • 10mm x 1.5 would use the BMW Stud Base

DIRTBIKE: If you are ordering mirrors for a bike that did not originally have them you will need to add a threaded clamp to thread the mirror into. There are two options to help you do this, both of which work with the Ball Stud Base.

If your stock clutch or brake perch split horizontally, you can add the Horizontal Split Clamp (sold separately under "Extras" in the options above) and replace your current mount with one that can thread the mirror.

If it splits vertically, you can use the Split Clamp Assembly (sold separately under "Extras" in the options above). Discard the threaded half and use the other part to mount your master cylinder or perch.

If neither of those will work, you can use the Split Clamp Assembly independently.

Doubletake mirror comparison chart

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