3D Racing Enduro Mousses
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3D Racing Enduro Mousses


  • For off-road use only
  • Front 90/90-21 will also fit 100/80-21 and 80/100-21
  • Rear 120/90-18 will also fit 110/100-18
  • Rear 140/80-18 will also fit 130/90-18
  • Rear 110/90-19 will also fit 120/80-19
  • Check the FAQ tab for more info on sizing
  • Includes silicone lubricant and installation instructions

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3D Racing Enduro Mousses

3D Racing Enduro Mousses are designed specifically for off-road enduro and motocross racing where there is a demand for lower pressures and longer wear. Traditional mousses usually wear quickly and are often not soft enough for good traction until a decent running-in period has occured. 3D Racing Enduro Mousses do not require a running-in period and provide a softness that is equivalent to 9PSI, providing excellent and immediate traction for both enduro and motocross events.

  • Proprietary material provides a longer life than a traditional mousse
  • Weighs less than a heavy duty tube
  • 3D Racing Enduro Mousses can be used with lighter carcass, off-road tires allowing for a lighter wheel setup

Important Information

  • Apply the supplied silicon lube to the inside of the tire before installing the mousse. This will help reduce heating due to friction between the tire and mousse. A dry mousse will wear much quicker so the mousse may need more lubricant added during its lifetime. Make sure the mousse is well lubricated at all times.
  • Wipe excess silicon lube from the bead or the tire could slip on the rim.
  • If tire installation lube is necessary, then use tire soap, WD40 or soapy water. Do not use the silicon lube that is supplied with your mousse.
  • A rim lock must be used to prevent tire slip. If a rim lock is not used, the rim can spin inside the tire causing the mousse to heat up, leading to premature wear or destruction.
  • Do not use the mousse on asphalt roads for very long distances or at high speeds. If you are forced to ride on asphalt, then keep the speed down to avoid overheating the mousse.
  • Prolonged use over 130 km/h will lead to premature wear.
  • When used in high temperatures or for long periods at high speed, the lube may dissipate leaving the mousse dry and prone to overheating. You will need to re-apply more lube.
  • Store in a cool place (less than 30 degrees Celsius) and out of direct sunlight.
  • For off-road use only.

What is a mousse?

A mousse, or bib mousse, is designed to replace the inner tube. Acting as an airless inner tube, a mousse cannot be punctured and provides much greater protection for rims than tubes. It is a ring of butyl honeycomb foam and a smooth-molded outer skin that is designed to slip into specific size off-road motorcycle tires. Popularity of the bib mousse has increased with the rise of extreme enduro and hard enduro races internationally because they offer better traction and are puncture-free. Mousses are increasingly popular for motocross racing too.

How long does a 3D Racing Enduro Mousse (Enduromousse) last?

We've been told you can get about 5 tire changes out of a rear Enduromousse before they start to go too soft. Naturally this would change depending on the riding or racing conditions and the type of tire you use. The supplier has used them on his bike for racing Enduro with varied terrain from high speed to tight, technical, gnarly riding. In these conditions he has said the front Enduromousse has over 100 hours of riding and racing on it and still feels the same as when it was put in.

How does the 3D Racing Enduro Mousse (Enduromousse) compare to other mousses on the market?

The Enduromousse starts out softer than other Mousses, around 9psi is the equivalent pressure to a tube. Over time the Enduromousse will get softer, and at about 50 hours the rear Enduromousse will start to get softer when used in racing conditions and will drop to about 7psi. Reports from Expert Enduro racers is that they have a better feel and longer life than the Michelin Mousses. The Enduromousse is much softer out of the box than any brand we have checked

How heavy are the 3D Racing Enduro Mousses (Enduromousse)?

These have been weighed against a regular super heavy duty tubes and in all cases the Enduromousse was lighter.

Does it matter which tires I use with the 3D Racing Enduro Mousses (Enduromousse)?

Not really, however it's best if you use tires that are designed for Mousses. We recommend Mitas Tires as they have a range of award-winning Enduro tires designed especially for Mousses. These tires come in a variety of compounds from super soft gummy FIM approved hard enduro designs to harder compound for compact dirt and mud. The tires are made with a lighter carcass and smooth on the inside to prevent wear on the mousse. When using Mousse designed tires you will get the lightest wheel setup and longest Enduromousse life.

Can I use the 3D Racing Enduro Mousses (Enduromousse) for dual sport riding?

Yes, there are many riders using the Enduromousses for dual sport riding – however at prolonged high speeds over about 135 km/h the mousses can get hot and break down quicker compared to regular off-road only use. Over about 120 km/h the tires can tend to “tip-toe” as the overall mass of the mousse pulls to the center of the tread. For occasional road use and mainly off-road the Enduromousses work great. Just remember though they are sold for “off-road use only”.

Are the 3D Racing Enduro Mousses (Enduromousse) difficult to install?

When fitting Mousses of any brand it all comes down to technique. Watch some videos online and buy some “bead buddies” or similar tools to hold the tire bead in the rim groove while you are installing the last bit of the tire. Removing the tire is the same process, making sure to get the opposite side of the tire down into the rim groove so the other side can come off. Some tires are hard to bead on the rim, the Michelin Starcross series of tires are particularly difficult to bead on the rim. Sometimes a fast ride can center the tire onto the bead.

Do I need to run rim locks with the 3D Racing Enduro Mousses (Enduromousse)?

Yes, we strongly recommend using a rim lock to prevent the tire rotating on the rim, just as you would a tube tire.

Do I need to lube the 3D Racing Enduro Mousses (Enduromousse) when installing?

Yes, it has been reported that Enduromousse will last longer when the supplied tube of silicone lube is used. We recommend using 1 tube of lube around the inside center of the tire prior to installing the mousse. Once installed the lube works its way to the sides where it’s needed. Try not to get lube on the bead of the tire! If you use hard compound tires that last a long time it can be best to re-apply lube after 10 or so hours.

What size do I need?

Most 21” tires are about the same size except for the large, oversized Mitas and Goldentyre . Most cases the 90/90-21 Enduromousse will suit just about every off-road tire. Changes in profile of 10mm in width and height still work out to the same volume as the 90/90-21.

The rear 18” tires get a little more difficult to work out. The Mitas tires is measured at the tread width, not the carcass, so a 140 width Mitas tire is a 120 carcass which will still use a 140mm wide Enduromousse. A lot of other tires are measured at the Carcass, so a 120 SRT or Kenda soft tire will use the 140mm Enduromousse as its still the same volume as the Mitas 140mm tires. If you run a low profile 120mm tire then you need a 120mm Enduromousse or a 110mm tire will also use the narrower Enduromousse.

For the 19” MX Enduromousse there is one size that fits most of the 19” profiles.

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