Trail Tech TTO Digital Voltage Meter - Surface Mount

The backlit, front button surface mounted TTO Digital Voltage gauge features a clock, current and max voltages and allows you to easily monitor your vehicle's voltage.

  • Includes double-sided tape for easy installation on any flat surface
  • Power lead/wire length is 2550mm (100.4 inches)
  • Customizable warnings and maintenance reminders with flash alert service alarms
  • Viewable from any angle

Our Price CAD $74.00

Part No84-742-V00-BL
Weight (lbs)0.08 lb
Department Digital Gauges

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Allows easy monitoring of vehicle voltage 0.0V - 63.6V ensuring the battery is not being drained or over-charged. In the case of a charging issue, TTO will flash the backlight on and off to alert the rider to potential issues. TTO is a must for any vehicle with added electrical accessories.

  • Backlight for visibility during any riding condition
  • Surface mount for easy installation anywhere
  • Customizable warnings for low voltage with flash alert alarm
  • Viewable from any angle
  • Internal battery life = 5 years

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