ROX Elite 2 Inch Pivoting Riser for 7/8 Inch Stem, 7/8 or 1-1/8 Handlebars

Pivots forward or backward to allow the rider to find the perfect handlebar position. Includes collars to sleeve down or up depending on stem and bar size used. Rox risers are NOT designed to be used with clip-on style handlebars.

  • 2" Rise
  • Fits into your 7/8" Original Stem or bar Clamps
  • Will accept 7/8" handlebars with use of provided collars, or remove collars for mounting 1 1/8" handlebars
  • Available in aluminum or black anodized

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Rox Speed FX

These Risers allow you to clamp a stock 7/8" diameter handlebar or you can remove the reducing collars and then clamp an 1-1/8" aluminum "fatbar". If you are thinking of going to a fatbar this is the riser to go with. Reducers lock into risers to insure no slippage between components. Always check and confirm that your motorcycle has adequate cable and brake line length before installing any handlebar risers.

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